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As far as running shoes are concerned, Germany is a hot market. After the USA, it's probably the toughest and largest in the world. Saucony has insanely good products and especially ambitious runners have Saucony shoes in their closets: because they perform, because they are top shoes. Now, the next step is to go mainstream!

Since April 2021, Citybeam has been supporting the American performance running shoe manufacturer and promoting the brand in Germany and Austria. The aim is to become more lifestylish and louder in order to be heard and seen outside the scene. There is now more video content on the social media channels, the ambassadors are actively utilized for events and PR projects to get in touch with the brand, the area of influencer relations has been expanded and more lifestylish PR content has been produced and distributed in the urban environment - the brand has been sharpened and the clippings speak for themselves.

For Saucony, a day where you go running is a good day. An even better day is a day when you inspire others to run. We can only agree with that and do our best every day to convey that attitude and outlook on life.

Services: Social media, public relations, media relations, event management.

Overrated - Underrated with Saucony athlete Lars Wichert and his trainer Dr. Golo Rohrken. A new video format for the Saucony Instagram channel designed to entertain the community. At the same time, the community gets to know the Saucony athletes better and is emotionalized by the light-hearted format. 

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