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Running is our passion and who doesn't want to do good? The Wings for Life World Run is a double-whammy for us. The global charity run takes place every year in May and has since 2014. 100% of all entry fees go directly to spinal cord research to help to find a cure for spinal cord injury.


Citybeam has been part of the Red Bull communications team since 2017. Red Bull has organized the running event in 195 nations. The challenge of this event is knowing when to pass the responsibilities on to the local communication teams or rather to set global standards straight. That requires courage, trust and expertise. The benefit is that we have been in charge of international projects on the corporate side. We know how much energy and dedication such projects take and which wave is coming before the big day. The lesson we’ve learned: Always be one step ahead!  


Scope of work: Editorial lead, creation of a global content plan, press releases in German and English, community management and user communication, press office, handling of international media inquiries, the coordination of interviews with ambassadors, athletes and so much more.


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