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Of course, a review in the magazine "ZEIT" or "Süddeutsche Zeitung" is prestigious. A big deal, especially for the director. Although a half page in the Feuilleton doesn't automatically mean a sold-out cinema. Local radio stations or micro-influencer from the countryside have even more power in making a movie successful.


The regionalization of marketing and public relation in the field of movies: Today’s standard, fifteen years ago, an innovation. Following the principle, many pennies make a dollar, we have established a lot of contacts with a wide range of local journalists and media. And we obtained individual publications that have led to most of the movies becoming money-spinners.


Citybeam has been responsible for more than 50 movie releases since 2004. We have worked with producers like Constantin Film, Tobis Film or Universum Film. The most popular projects include bavarian blockbuster movies “Wer früher stirbst, ist länger tot", "Eine ganz heiße Nummer" and the international production "Trautmann".


Scope of work: Strategic consultation, art direction, media production, event management, public relations, influencer marketing


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