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It all started in 1930 with a small grocery store in Munich. Today "Feinkost Käfer" is the address for exclusive party services, high-quality retail and excellent catering. The family business has about 1.200 employees in Munich and surroundings and in Berlin, Paris, Basel, Shanghai and Tokyo.


Citybeam has been consulting the long-established company since 2009. The last 10 years we focused on the digitalization of Käfer and shaping the future for Käfer’s business. Together we introduced an online shop and created the concept of "Käfer Delikatessen Märkte”.  Aside from the flagship, the brand is now also visible in the outskirts of Munich. We developed a modern candy-store for adults. Linked trading with catering, and most importantly created touchpoints to experience Käfer. Currently, we are working with the brand on further developing the company's future. It never gets boring with this client, exactly what we like.


Scope of work: Strategic brand consulting, art direction, media production, media relations

Feinkost Käfer
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